Monday, September 17, 2012

The Good Days

This weekend my Jelly and I were talking, and he mentioned that his school’s homecoming week theme is “The 80's.”  Innnnteresting, I thought, since I am a product of that long-ago generation. How is it that I have lived long enough to see fashion repeat itself and for the music I grew up with to become “cool” to a new generation?  I know I haven’t aged any since high school like all the rest of my friends have. Hahahaha. Ok, ok. Anyway, he was complaining, incessantly, about how the majority of the class chose “ET” as the theme for their parade float.  Complaining, why, you ask? Because they obviously should have chosen Star Wars!!! Oh. Ok. Right. Sometimes I forget that my Jelly is a band geek. As he went on about how Star Wars was clearly the more appropriate choice, I started to think about other 80's movies. And then it struck me: we had GREAT movies to go see in the 80's. I started running through my mental checklist of movies I’ve seen that I would watch over and over again. So, so many of them are from the 80's. I whipped out my Google search engine and trolled through various lists and made my own List of Favorite Re-Watchable Awesome 80's Movies.  I hope you like this list and add to it :) Here goes ... 80's movies I loved:

9 to 5
Airplane ("And don't call me Shirley!")
Private Benjamin ("I think they sent me to the wrong place.")
Raiders of the Lost Ark (really, ALL Indy movies could go here)
On Golden Pond ("You old poop!")
Arthur ("Thank you for a memorable afternoon. One must usually go to a bowling alley to meet a woman of your stature.")
Stripes ("Where have you been soldier?!" "Training, sir." "What kind of training?" "Arrrrmyy training, Sir!")
E.T. (My favorite part is when ET drinks the beer out of the fridge while Eliot is at school, and Eliot gets drunk from it and then lets all the frogs go before they can be dissected.)
An Officer & A Gentleman ("You can kick me outta here, but I ain't quittin'!"
First Blood (the first and best of the Rambo movies - "They drew first blood.")
Fast Times at Ridgemont High
Flashdance (I SO wanted to be her!)
Trading Places
War Games ("Do you want to play a game?")
Risky Business
Karate Kid
Purple Rain
Amadeus (not to mention the Falco song which followed, “Rock me Amadeus”)
Back to the Future
Rocky (Add Rocky 2, Rocky 3, Rocky 4, skip Rocky 5)
The Goonies
Mask (probably my favorite Cher movie, actually)
Top Gun
Stand by Me
Peggy Sue Got Married (not a real popular movie, but a great concept ... going back in time knowing then what you know now. Would you make the same choices?)
The Money Pit (omigosh I practically pee my pants laughing at Tom Hanks in this movie..)
Good Morning, Vietnam
Moonstruck ("SNAP OUT OF IT!")
Lethal Weapon (the first was the best!)
Dirty Dancing ("Nobody puts Baby in a corner!")
Full Metal Jacket ("The dead know only one thing. It is better to be alive.")
Wall Street ("Greed is good.")
Roxanne (Steve Martin in a romantic comedy. Very “B” movie but it was sweet. I’m such a sap!)
Spaceballs ("I bet she gives great helmet.")
The Princess Bride ("Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.")
Rain Man ("K-Mart sucks!")
The Naked Gun
Beaches (Again, I’m a sap, really.)
Nightmare on Elm Street (the first and best one of all of them)
Stand and Deliver (made me appreciate dedicated teachers)
Little Mermaid (I could list 100 Disney movies, but this is probably my favorite)
Parenthood (I laughed. I cried. I wanted to have a baby.)
Dead Poet’s Society (My favorite Robin Williams movie)
When Harry Met Sally (..on the side..)
War of the Roses
Steel Magnolias (“I’d rather have thirty minutes of wonderful than a lifetime of nothing special.”)
Turner & Hooch (I laughed. I cried. I hugged my dogs.)
Major League (Wild Thing. You make my heart sing.)

Now, these belong in a category all on their own...John Hughes movies (I’m not putting lines here only because there are too many from these movies that I like):

Pretty in Pink
Mr. Mom
National Lampoon’s Vacation
Sixteen Candles
National Lampoon’s European Vacation
Weird Science
Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
Planes, Trains and Automobiles (oh John Candy ... I miss you!)
She’s Having a Baby
The Great Outdoors
Uncle Buck
The Breakfast Club

Now I just want to spend my Monday in front of the TV!!  What are YOUR favorite 80's movies?

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  1. Thanks for all the memories, and may the Schwartz be with you!!!


  2. omgosh... I want to rent movies and put them in my VCR... lol.. j/k I don't have a working VCR. Let me add to the last if I may...
    Romancing the Stone (I watched a million times)
    Jewel of the Nile (not as good, but also... good...)
    Back to the Future
    Smokey and the Bandit
    The Blues Brothers
    Conan the Barbarian
    The Lost Boys
    Mystic Pizza
    Working Girl
    Terms of Endearment
    and question...
    The Witches of Eastwick... was it made in the 80s? If so... a def. addition to the list :P
    TY Mama! Now I'm gonna go update my Netflix Queue :P

    1. OOHhhhh I like a few of those! Witches of Eastwick was 1987. I also love Romancing the Stone and Jewel of the Nile (you're right, the first one's better). I liked Back to the Future and Smokey and the Bandit. Definitely should have included The Lost Boys and Mystic Pizza. How could I forget Mystic Pizza?! Working Girl was good, and I just mentioned Terms of Endearment in my latest blog and can't believe I forgot that one! Debra Winger was the shizz back then! I also forgot about St. Elmo's Fire :D